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Intense stress has become such a common and integral part of our homes and work that many people have begun to think it’s just part of being alive today, but constant, unmanaged stress is harmful emotionally and physically. Preventing and managing stress can help lower your risk of serious health problems like heart disease, high blood pressure, and depression.

If you find that you are experiencing an abundance of stress, especially as it relates to work, we strongly recommend that you consider working with a business or life coach to create calming and centering systems to help you proactively handle your business stress.

Let’s take a moment to examine the six color personality types of the Primary Colors Personality Insight tool and how each color personality type has a tendency to deal with stress.

1. RED Controllers have a tendency to attempt to minimize stress by using control. A controlling personality’s biggest fear is losing control. So when they feel stressed, they have a tendency to become autocratic, bossy, and demanding, seizing authority from others, and making demands too forcefully. Of course there are times when stress cannot be avoided, so I recommend to people with strong red personality tendencies that they find a safe outlet for their aggression when they feel pushed to their limit.

Signs of stress: Anger, rage, tense muscles, lack of patience, needs more control

Potential problems: This is not a time to be abrupt, rude and impatient. However, this will FEEL like the perfect time for you to become all three. Do not act on your anger without first considering the consequences.

Potential answers: One of the best ways for a person with strong red personality tendencies to deal with stress is to TAKE ACTION.

But be cautious when becoming demanding, rigid and resembling a dictator as you are taking action. This will cause people to want to resist you which will only intensify the stress. Be aware of your strong desire for control, but utilize respect and clear communication when giving orders to others.

2. PURPLE Managers minimize stress by reorganizing and updating training. When they’re stressed, they tend to become too rule, policy and procedure oriented and can put the importance of rules and procedures ahead of people.

Signs of stress: Irritability, frustration, back pain, lowered immune system, emotional rigidity

Potential problems: When you are stressed you will have a tendency to enforce rules, policies and procedures and be less concerned with the people’s feelings that you are working with. When people feel that you put procedures in front of their feelings and concerns, they can resist cooperating fully to complete a project or task. The biggest fear for Managers /Organizers is not completing tasks on time, so they’ll often muscle through heroic acts to impress clients, but burn themselves out in the process.

Potential answers: One of the best ways for a person with strong purple personality tendencies to deal with stress is to MAKE A PLAN AND FOLLOW IT.

For managers/organizers, the best way to manage stress is to plan what needs to happen, when it needs to happen and how it needs to happen and then go about putting those plans into action. Be mindful of better organizing others by explaining what you’d like them to do to help get things in order and reduce stress. Recommended statements: “I’ve got a suggestion that will help us get this project back on track quickly.” Or, “I’m worried about the amount of tasks you are currently managing, so I’m going to help you.”

3. BLUE Thinkers tend to do thorough work, think through all of the options available, and anticipate problems so that they can eliminate stress completely. Their biggest fear is being wrong. When under stress, they tend to avoid communication because it causes them anxiety, which makes them lose focus.

Signs of stress: Unable to focus, headaches, want to withdraw, feeling like there is too much to do and not enough time, procrastination

Potential problems: When thinkers and analysts feel stressed they become even more perfectionistic. They feel pressured by time and deadlines and it actually slows their ability to effectively fulfill their duties. People with strong blue personality tendencies will attempt to isolate to give them time to rethink and recharge.

Potential answers: One of the best ways for a person with strong blue personality tendencies to deal with stress is to THINK THINGS THROUGH.

To manage stress better, take time to be alone and process information. Give yourself a chance to think things through. Adjust your work and environment to meet deadlines and minimize procrastination. Be sure to ask for more time if you think you need it, well before any deadline approaches. This won’t prevent you from procrastinating -- that’s part of your working style -- but often, procrastination serves as a pacing technique to give you the necessary time to insure that you have considered all potential problems that might arise.

4. GREEN Innovators typically work on multiple tasks simultaneously and are busy enjoying the creative process which leaves them weak when it comes to implementation and management. Innovators and influencers love exciting people with ideas and bringing them together to ‘make a difference’.

Signs of stress: Feeling of hopelessness, impaired creativity, back pain, problems sleeping, weight gain or loss

Potential problems: When you bounce from one project to another it can cause confusion for those around you. If before you can complete one project, you have ideas for three more, people around you can begin to feel stressed and overwhelmed by your creativity.

Potential answers: One of the best ways for a person with strong green personality tendencies to deal with stress is to STAY POSITIVE AND CONTINUE TO DREAM.

To better manage stress, revisit your original dream or idea. Then create a framework by jotting down your anticipated process and possibilities at the outset of a project. Then, imagine what the successful completion looks like. Reference this start and endpoint to help you work backwards and use time wisely. This won’t prevent you from procrastinating or playing the hero -- that’s part of your working style -- but often, procrastination serves as a pacing technique to prevent burnout before the end of a project.

During prolonged tasks, engage in activities that allow you to blow off steam rather than trying to force yourself to focus continuously.

5. YELLOW Nurturers try to soothe stress by serving the needs of others and calming the nerves of those around them. The biggest fear for this group is being excluded, and not being appreciated. This will prompt them to take on too much work or try to rescue others by helping them with their work load. This often leads people with strong yellow personality tendencies feeling overwhelmed and under-appreciated.

Signs of stress: Depression, Sadness, upset stomach, worry, confusion, a tendency to feel more needy, insecurity

Potential problems: When others feel stressed, you want to alleviate their suffering by taking on their burdens. This is very considerate and thoughtful of you, however, this will also potentially run you ragged. You must guard yourself from your propensity to say “Yes” too often, to too many people.

Potential answers: One of the best ways for a person with strong yellow personality tendencies to deal with stress is to CONNECT WITH FRIENDS AND FAMILY.

Connecting with those they love helps alleviate stress tremendously. To better manage your stress levels, learn to say “No”. Ask yourself if offering to help someone else will actually benefit those around you, or simply enable them. If you’re working with someone who is constantly stressed because they are disorganized, taking a few things off their plate probably won’t help, or if it helps, it will only help temporarily.

Instead, offer to help them get organized or figure out why they’re constantly stressed. Be sure to find time for yourself. By focusing so intensely on others, it’s common to ignore your own needs, which can lead to burnout.

6. ORANGE Entertainers love using humor to alleviate stress and tension. They have learned that if you can get people to laugh, or not take themselves so seriously, tension and stressed can be reduced.

Signs of stress: Biting sarcasm, weight gain, need more sleep to escape, addictive tendencies emerge

Potential problems: You can rely on humor to the point that people around you believe that you do not take things seriously enough. This is when humor stops working in a positive way and becomes a detriment.

Potential answers: One of the best ways for a person with strong orange personality tendencies to deal with stress is to HAVE FUN AND ENJOY LIFE.

The best way for a person with strong orange personality tendencies to deal with stress is to find time to play. Whether it is sports, biking, video games, or entertaining friends, taking time to enjoy life helps alleviate stress when the levels get too high.

We all get stressed, but each color personality type experiences and manages stress differently. Learn what triggers your stress and how to minimize it to improve productivity and enhance your personal and work relationships.


Dawn Billings, creator and author of Primary Colors Personality Test and Insight Tools. Dawn is the founder of the Executive Training Resort in Mesa, Arizona, and does Couples Therapy Retreats that can save a marriage.

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