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Best Personality Test: The Reasons Why

Primary Colors Personality Test by personality expert Dawn Billings is the BEST, most effective, fun, easy to understand and imlement personality test on the market today. Why? Well, let's take a moment to examine the many ways that the Primary Colors Personality Test is unique:

1. The Primary Colors Personality test is not a four-quadrant "me to" personality test. The Primary Colors Personality Test is based of the primary and secondary artists color wheel and light separated by a prism. Because of the six quadrants, instead of a basic four, the Primary Colors Personality Test creates distinctions that allow easy to understand, are imperative when attempting to understand and define qualities like leadership, emotional intelligence, strength and warmth.

2. The Primary Colors Personality Insight tool is not a personality-type test. The Primary Colors Personality Test does not attempt to pigeon hole, or define anyone. It is designed as an insight tool. It does not define, rather it helps individuals examine different aspects of their personalities, and recognize that human beings are too complex,complicated and sophisticated to be so simply chatergorized.

3. The Primary Colors Personality test is a contextual tool. The personality tendencies you use and rely on at home, are probably not the same personality tendencies you have developed in a work environment. Who we are when we are angry is probably very different from who we are when we are gleeful. So the Primary Colors Personality Insight Tools takes context into consideration when attempting to gain insight into personality tendencies.

4. Primary Colors Personality insight tools help people realize they can be Extreme. The Primary Colors Personality Test helps individuals understand how extreme color personality tendencies can negatively impact their home, organizational and professional lives. All the good that each individual is, comes from their centered colored personality tendencies. All frustration, anger, bitterness and unhappiness comes from the extreme color personality tendencies.

5. People are never only "one type" of anything. They, like the colors in nature, are wonderful blends. When people realize that they are behaving, processing and reacting out of a blend of colors, they feel a sense of power to make the kind of changes and growth necessary to maintain healthy, happy relationships, instead of conflictual, argumentative, invalidating relationships.

6. Primary Colors Personality Test is simple. Understanding and gaining insight into our personality tendencies using the Primary Colors Personality Insight Tools truly is simple. Commiting to being aware of when we move to our extremes and being responsible for managing our feelings, thoughts and behaviors is not ever easy. So there is a vast difference between the simplicity of gaining insight, but the challenge to managing and directing our thoughts and behaviors in ways that will provide much more positive outcomes.


Dawn Billings, creator and author of Primary Colors Personality Test and Insight Tools. Dawn is the founder of the Executive Training Resort in Mesa, Arizona, and does Couples Therapy Retreats that can save a marriage.

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