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Personality and Direct Sales Recruiting

Do you know who you are talking to? Do understand how to speak into the listening of the person you would like to recruit for your team. That is what learning to use the Primary Colors Personality Test and Insight tools is all about.

By getting to know a person’s Personality Colors, you can build stronger rapport. Speaking a person’s personality language is definitely an important piece of getting them to SHOW UP to learn more about your opportunity. Knowing the personalities in the room is also very important while doing your presentation, but to mastering how to INVITE different personality colors is where it all begins.

What NOT to do while Direct Sales Recruiting

Do NOT give the PRESENTATION while you are INVITING. Do NOT tell your prospect all about your business opportunity until they are AT the appointment/presentation, or at least until you have built enough rapport that you are confident they are committed to sitting down and watching an online presentation. (*make sure to do this with a PHONE conversation or in person – NOT an impersonal text or email!) Do not SPAM people. Nobody likes SPAM! In fact, most people despise it.

Your INVITATION conversation should be under 3 minutes and then change the subject and be “busy”. Say you have to go, and be gone in a hurry! People like you being the kind of person who follows up, so this gives you the perfect opportunity to do so.

Understanding Personality Colors for Direct Sales Recruiting

For a RED: A Competitive Leader Red personalities want respect, power, control and to win. Help them understand how your company offers them a great opportunity to gain everything they care about. Here is an example of a conversation to have with someone with strong red personality tendencies. “Hey Sam, we have a business meeting tomorrow night. It is a do not miss for people who are ready to take life to the next level. We’re talking big money for success minded people who really want to win! Here’s your chance to be your OWN boss so YOU can be in charge! You’ll be able to CRUSH it and be #1 in no time. You’ll be able to get that red Lexus convertible so no one misses that fact that you are a winner.

For a PURPLE: A Great Manager I was thinking about you today and reflecting on your amazing ability to manage and organize groups of people. You have a real gift. So I thought you might be interested in looking at an opportunity to use your gifts to help yourself and others accomplish their goals. This company offers all of the tools you need in very organized, easy to use fashion that you will respect. I want you to meet some of the greatest managers of people resources I have ever come to know. That is why I know you will fit right in. All you need to know how to do to succeed in this company is to plan your work and work your plan. I don’t know anyone who is better at that than you.

For a BLUE: A Researcher who Loves Details I really trust your ability to think things through. I want you to take look at something for me. Just having the opinion of someone with your intellect will help tremendously. Can you take a moment to simply give me your opinion? .. (send them a couple links). Or you can say something like, “Hey Tina, I know you’re very research driven and love details, so I want some feedback from you. Can I send you a couple of links to research for me. I completely value your opinion… I just want to see if it makes sense to you.

For a GREEN: A Person with Global Vision Hey Tanya, I am excited to tell you about my new mission and vision. I can’t just work, I have to have meaning and purpose behind the work. That’s how I feel in love with this company. Last month we raised thousands of dollars for building schools and orphanages, and we work with organizations to help educate thousands of people, save the environment, and raise money to feed hungry children all over the world. This is the most globally responsible company and only manufactures products that will keep our world green and alive. I never felt so hopeful, and I promise you, I needed a change.

For an Orange: The Life of a Party FIRST remember that these personalities like talking, so begin with letting them do just that. Listen excitedly. Then when they take a breath, (and before they get sidetracked!), you jump in and say, “OH, hey Jimmy check it out, oh you’re gonna LOVE it – we’re having an introduction PARTY tomorrow night, it’s going to be SOOOO FUN! There’s gonna be all kinds of awesome people to meet, that are teaching people how to make money while having FUN. It doesn’t get better than that! (MONEY = Freedom and FUN!!! DO NOT talk facts, figures, or details with them!)

For a Yellow: A Lover of People I would love for you to come with me to check out this event tomorrow. I am only sharing it with a few important friends right now. I was so touched at the last meeting when a woman with five children was talking about how she had found a way to not only survive with this company, but for she and her children to thrive. I know how much you love your family too. How are those amazing kids of yours? (Listen about their family)

I want the best for you and your family and would love for you to meet some of my other friends that are experiencing more time for family than they have ever enjoyed. I think LOVE is spelled T I M E, don’t you? I want you to have more time to spend with those you love and become a part of a team that feels more like a family that loves and serves one another. There are so many warm, giving, and NURTURING people, working together to help, educate and encourage each other!

Remember: Direct Sales Recruiting is not hard, it’s S.I.M.P.L.E!

S - Do not SAY too much. I - Be INTERESTED, (not INTERESTING)! M - MEET people. Direct Sales is all about meeting people. P - PAY it forward. Give others the opportunity you have enjoyed. L - LISTEN, Ask questions. Learn all you can. E - ENJOY. Work can be fun and fulfilling. Share the fun.

Dawn Billings, creator and author of Primary Colors Personality Test and Insight Tools. Dawn is the founder of the Executive Training Resort in Mesa, Arizona, and does Couples Therapy Retreats that can save a marriage.

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