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Proof of Personality Test Effectiveness

Children's Alliance of Kansas

 The Children's Alliance of Kansas selected Primary Colors Personality Test and Insight Tools by personality expert, Dawn Billings to build their newest curriculum for their residential foster care facilities. Residential HEART (Healthy Empowering Adolescent Relationships Training) has chosen Primary Colors Personality Test and Insight Tools over all other personality assessment tools available on the market today.

personality test affiliate program

PCPT has for over a decade, been a significant piece of the PREP curriculum.

PREP, Inc creates practical materials that help facilitators to enhance relationship skills that research has linked to effective relationship functioning.

The PREP approach, which utilizes the Primary Colors Personality Tests by personality expert Dawn Billings, has been delivered and evaluated globally: As of June 2013, an estimated 1,000 sites have implemented the intervention, including military bases, prisons, universities, and religious organizations. Twelve sites have been evaluated for outcomes, with about 2,000 couples participating in those evaluations. Evaluations have been conducted with the U.S. Army and in Australian and German implementation sites. Approximately 300,000 individuals have received or participated in PREP or adaptations of PREP. After over a decade of use, the Primary Colors Personality Test was rated as a participant favorite, and also stood out as one of the most effective pieces of the PREP training.

PREP, Inc.

The PREP approach is based on over 30 years of research in the field of relationship health, with much of the research conducted at the University of Denver, and sponsored by the National Institute of Mental Health. This means that PREP’s trainings are delivered with a seal of integrity that can be trusted, and the personality test that has proven most effective to the researchers at PREP, Inc., is the Primary Colors Personality Test. 




The Board of Regents of the University of Oklahoma Center for Public Management license Primary Colors Personality Tests to utilize in their marital and healthy relationships, and corporate betterment programs. 


The Center for Public Management works with the OU Training and Research Center (TRC) to provide services for a range of state agencies and municipalities. The TRC provides customers with state-of-the-art space planning and design and can coordinate the strategic and operational management of facilities. TRC operates a 37,000 square foot facility that includes eleven training rooms, three computer labs, and three satellite-ready conference rooms. All of these facilities can be available as part of your project with the Center for Public Management.

The University of Oklahoma Center for Public Management

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