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How You Will Benefit from licensing PCPT and

joining the team:


  • Gain a better understanding of your own and others' personality color preferences

  • Learn to easily administer and interpret the Primary Colors Personality Insight Tools

  • Build confidence in presenting PCPT personality insight tools, tips and exercises

  • Receive a professional starter kit—including therapist/coaches manual 

  • Get listed as one of our experts on and gain a professional information page about you, your work and your focus.

  • Gain search engine optimization for your practice by being listed on, and associated with

  • Become eligible to purchase at a professional discount, and administer the PCPT Insight Tools for use in your psychology, mental health position or professional coaching practice.

Personality Experts

 Best Personality Test Licensing Information

Gold Personality Licensing Benefits

There are two licensing options for our professional experts:



1. GOLD Primary Colors Expert Licensing Option           Click for COST Details


A great licensing option with many benefits.                                                                 Click for BENEFIT Details




2. PLATINUM Primary Colors Expert Licensing Option     Click for COST Details


The best personality expert licensing option with even MORE fantastic benefits.       Click for BENEFIT Details

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