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 Best Personality Test Guidelines


  • Be adamant that all color tendencies are valuable: no color tendency is better, healthier, or more desirable in than any other.

  • Present personality tendencies as describing healthy personality differences, not psychological disorders or fixed traits.

  • Explain the PCPT is a contextual insight tool and was not designed to define personality, but to create opportunities for insight into individuals preferences in different contexts in their lives

  • Be aware of how your own type biases may influence your words.

  • Present preferences as tendencies or inclinations, never as absolutes.

  • Never imply that all people of a certain color preference behave in the same way; color preferences should not encourage stereotyping or be used to define people in rigid categories.

  • Explain how people have both centered colored tendencies and extreme colored tendencies and that insight into both their centered strengths and extreme devastators allows them more choice and control of their actions, reactions and ultimate behaviors.

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Online Certification:

The online certification program for Primary Colors Personality Insight Tools is thorough, interesting, easy to take and convenient.

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